Completely fresh and baked to order our pizzas are hand stretched using dough made with authentic, Italian flour. Our simple dough is slow proved to ensure a delicious tasting Neapolitan style pizza. Top that with our simple Italian tomato sauce, carefully selected toppings and fior di latte mozzarella and you have the perfect flavours.
Is your mouth watering yet?

From our mobile pizzeria we create Neapolitan style pizzas freshly baked in our commercial pizza oven which operates around 410 Celsius. You can watch your very own pizza being stretched and topped before bubbling away in the intense heat. The heat and short cook time along with the long prove time of our dough gives your pizza a truly authentic Italian flavour, all ready in under 90 seconds. This is fast food with a difference!

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Where you’ll find us

Why not come and sample our delicious pizza at our next event near you? View our forthcoming events and street food locations on our calendar. We’re based in Yorkshire but with our mobile van we travel far and wide to bring you fresh authentic food made especially for you…


We know everyone likes their pizza their way. We give you the flexibility to pick and choose your very own combination of toppings. Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan we’ll happily cater for your dietary requirements. Simply let us know beforehand so we can prepare for you.
We only use seasonal toppings that are locally sourced. Be inspired and view our gallery below. We cater for you as an individual and provide a wide variety of toppings dependent on the season; all made carefully and with love.